Malaysia University

The University of Malaysia has set up five 46” LCD’s connected with DT Research’s MS600 Multi Screen Signage Appliance which consists of the MS media player and the WebDT Content Manger software. With this complete system, the school staff can create, manage, and publish the dynamic messages through the Internet or Intranet from any location and at any time. This efficient new system is now installed in the high-traffic main lobby to display the university's program schedule, announcements, events, and checking time tables.

Petra Christian University

With DT Research Signage System, students will be able to get academic study calendar information through the digital signage kiosks, and will be able to check the information regarding to academic such as programs, exam results, student fees, etc.

Columbus Technical College

With a spread-out audience across many buildings on campus, the CTC needed a system that would efficiently and reliably communicate to students and faculty. With the DT Research Signage Appliances and WebDT Content Manager software, the IT staff was able to quickly set up a system that delivers. Connected to existing displays, the signage appliances provide a way to get information on library hours, class schedules, campus safety messages, room changes, financial aid, weather, parking, and the school calendar to the entire student body and faculty. With the UrgentCAST feature in WCM, scheduled information can be interrupted with urgent messages, such as approaching storms or evacuation notices in a visual form.

University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management

The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota uses the DT Research 47” display with integrated DT Research Signage Appliance and IR touch providing instant information access to students and visitors on the main lobby and other public areas.