Entertainment/ Events
The Studio Museum

Located in Harlem, New York City, the Studio Museum has installed powerful DT Research Signage Systems including Signage Appliances and WebDT Content Manager Software throughout the museum and lobby to provide instant information to visitors about all programs and schedules. The Signage Systems are also pared 42” and 52” LCD monitors and wireless keyboards in the conference rooms and education labs used for classes and staff meetings. Other areas that installed the Signage System are the Museum store for announcements, advertising and book information, and in the front window of the museum showing images of artworks and events.


With DT Research Signage System, the company can efficiently deliver the stunning visual experience to the visitors, and its IT staff can also easily to create, manage, publish via Internet or Intranet and play playlists with dynamic content from any location and at any time, which saves the time and human force from the onsite maintenance.

The Future Pavilion in 2010 World Expo Shanghai

The 2010 World Expo Shanghai is the world’s largest international fair and exposition. Over 190 countries and 50 international organizations showcase their cultures and innovations, attracting more than 500,000 visitors daily. The Future Pavilion in the Expo chose the DT Research Signage Appliances and WebDT Content Manager software to deliver high-quality dynamic media content while communicating with the server for continuous updates.

Cadbury World (UK)

Cadbury World, one of the largest paid indoor visitor attractions in the UK, has deployed the WebDT digital signage solution. Installed by VAR partner X2 Computing, the system is enhancing the visitor experience by providing up to the minute information on ticket sales and admission times, reducing administration costs and increasing revenues by advertising additional on and offsite attractions. Cadbury selected the WebDT system as they are able to retain full control of content management and realize a low cost of ownership.

Cedar Point Theme Park

Cedar Fair Entertainment operates this theme park in Ohio, as well as 17 other parks throughout the USA, including Knott’s parks and Great America. By using the DT Research Signage Appliances with outdoor LCDs, the park is able to promote products and services in the park while visitors wait in line. With WebDT Content Manager, the IT department can update advertising remotely, and also interrupt scheduled messages with urgent announcements when needed.