With a fully-integrated DT Research Digital Signage System, GAP can now efficiently deliver stunning visual experience to customers while the IT staff can also easily create, manage, publish via Internet playlists with dynamic content from any location and at any time.

Phone Italia

With WebDT Content Manager 6 Pro, the staff from Phone Italia can manage how and when content files are played on the charging stations on any time and from any location.


After deploying the DT Research digital signage solution in the dining area, IKEA Kuwait not only offers attractive and dynamic advertising and information to their customers, but they have also achieved an effective, remotely-manageable digital signage platform.


Amway is well known as the world’s largest direct selling company and manufacturer for a wide range of premium consumer products. The Amway Brand Center in Malaysia has incorporated the DT Research Event Trigger Signage Systems, the SA2000 and SA3200 signage players with interactive trigger-ports, into its automated interactive technology for welcome presentations in the lobby and for product and company information throughout the center, providing visitors an interactive, user driven experience.


Waitrose, a UK grocery chain, has installed the WebDT 1200 in 116 shops for customer point-of-service applications through partner X2 Computing. The 12” touch screens allow customers to check-out handhelds scanners to use while shopping, and can also be used for advertising and promotions when not being used to register scanners. The new touch screen displays will provide clear, accessible information that is easier to read and enables Waitrose to meet its continuous program to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), and to identify ways to further improve access.


The RipCurl retail store in Huntington Beach, CA has multiple displays powered by DT Research Signage Appliances. With various display size, visitors can view content of currents sales, and exciting outdoor sports footage.